The Broken Pendulum

The Clock Strikes Twelve

03: Anyone, Anywhere, Hidden in plane sight

Fin, Therion, and Sixtus are all minding their own business only to come across a Lich with a dog collar with sweetie written on it. He was asking for help, only for him to 'zap' and then started shambling back the direction we were heading. Therion decides to follow 'Sweetie', where he leads the group down to some forested area. Fin finds an elven teenager in the tree tops during the journey, only for the teenager elf to jump away, Sextus thought he was weird. 

The Lich leads to a little girl picking flowers for her mom. The girl notices that the Lich and mentions that he's probably going to the graveyard. The little girl runs off with some wild flowers. Sixtus says there is evil in the area, and that the group should take care of it. The group leads to the graveyard, with Fin staying in the trees to be out of sight.

The graveyard the group approaches has a lot of graves opened up and dug out, there is also grave-keepers house. Fin is still in the trees. As the group gets closer to the graves, they notice that there are a lot of zombies just walking, but they don't seem to care about Sixtus or Therion or anyone about anything. They are just walking back and forth. 

The Lich walked into the house, Fin says he can sneak in for the group. Fin hears a little boy voice making demands. The boy is a small half-orc, probably 5 or 6, but then notices Fin then runs. Fin tries to chase after him, into a parlor with spooky skeletons. The group fights some skeletons. And then kill them all, or rekill them. The group runs after the direction of where Fin last saw the boy run off to. 

The group fight a zombie along the way. A bedroom was found, where a scroll of chill touch was found and Fin took some 300 GP and split it with Therion. 

The group finds the master bedroom, where Fin hears the boy behind. Fin picks the lock but the boy pleads for them not to open the door or he will have to attack. The lich shows up behind the group. Fin is able to persuade the boy to allow him to open the door. The boy, who looks like the small elven boy from earlier, and talks about how his master taught him his necromancer abilities. The boy mentions that the master is there with him, although the group can't see him.

The boy, whose name is Noss, scared, starts muttering the Changeling manta 'Anyone, anywhere, hidden in plane sight'. Fin picks up on it and to win his trust shows that he is a Changeling as well. This wins the boy's trust and shows his true form as a white skinned Changeling. 

The boy's, master appears as a smoky figure, spawning from the boy's necromantic staff (wooden staff with a skull on the end), and slashes the boy dead. Fin in anger attacks the damage and the party engages in battle. In the midst of battle, the Lich from earlier joins in with a fireball to help out. 

After the 'master' was defeated Fin goes to the boy and mourns the loss. He notices a locket on the boy, and inside is a picture of a woman that Fin recognizes… and figures out the boy is his own son that he had when he was way too young. 

Therion picks up the staff the boy had and realizes it still has necromantic energy still within, and with its last charge is able to bring Noss back to life.

The Lich speaks up, his name being Odac the Punctual.  


The gang got 1250 exp each, putting us all at 4425 exp. 

5209 gp, 50 pp, oil of invisibility


TheOriginalPavel magical_mansur

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