The Broken Pendulum

The Clock Strikes Twelve

01: The Shrine

Therion and Fin meet up in the local tavern, The Silver Shield. Therion, the professor at the local college, Dehalam, is interested in engaging commoners in battles of wits.

After spending 2cp each purchasing ale, Therion approaches a woman eating dinner. She is an elven female with amber eyes and dark hair. He asks her what she keeps in her pouches. She responds "ink pots, quills, and parchment" and further explains that she is a scribe. 

Following this encounter, the party approaches a beefy male human in fine traveling clothes who admits that he is in town to explore a shrine, on the outskirts of town, where paranormal activity is said to have taken place recently. The party immediately notices a large golden medallion with a dragon around the traveler's neck. The traveler offers for the party to join him. Therion, motivated by the potential for runes and knowledge within the shrine agrees. Fin, being a changeling and scouting Therion as a potential new identity to assume, considers this an ideal time to get time alone with his companion and agrees to come. The traveler bids the party to meet him back at The Silver Shield the following morning and they will journey to the shrine.

When the adventurers return, they notice that the traveler is not there. After apt searching, they discover the medallion in the seat where the adventurer was the night before. Therion picks up the medallion and the adventurers proceed to the shrine without the traveler. 

Once inside, they notice murals on the wall of some valiant warrior whom they are not familiar with. Additionally, there is a pedestal with a bowl in the center of the room. Therion notices that the whole shrine is radiating with magical energy. Fin pickpockets Therion and places the dragon medallion into the plate, to no avail. Therion places a gold piece into the bowl and Fin places a copper piece into the bowl. The bowl reacts violently and spits Fin's copper piece back out. Fin then makes an equal offering of one gold piece and the coins disappear and a passage is revealed into the shrine's labyrinth. The party navigates to a similar room depicting murals of arrows raining on people, find an arrow in the room, and Fin place the arrow in a similar offering plate to reveal a new passage. 

After proceeding down a corridor, the party approaches a room that is a dark pit with no discernable bottom. Fin picks a stone up from the ground and throws it into the room. The stone comes to rest at floor level over the chasm. Therion then uses his arcane ability to determine that the room is an illusion and safe to trespass. The party approaches a door on the other side. Fin attempts to lock pick the door and fails. He attempts it again and is thrown back, taking force damage. Therion discovers that the door is enchanted with old magic, and only by finding the enchanted key will the door open.

The party backtracks, takes a separate path, and enters a room. They immediately notice a key on the other side of the door. Therion uses his mage hand to remove the key. As he does, a portcullis slams down behind the party and the stones in the wall animate into a golem. The party dispatches the golem but the portcullis does not raise. A door appears on the opposite of the room. After going through the door, the adventurers find another door at the end of a hallway, and go through. They are transported to another part of the dungeon.

As they approach the next door, the key reacts and it opens. Inside is a sarcophagus, and large swaths of treasure. Fin attempts to pick up a coin when the lid to the sarcophagus is blow off. Out steps a mummy who paralyzes the party, but not before taking the key from Therion and fleeing through the other door (the same one that threw Fin back when he tried to pick it earlier). The party regains their mobility and runs for the temple entrance. They find that another wall has been blasted into the main room, revealing a hallway with another empty sarcophagus. 

When the party departs the shrine, they notice the mummy's footsteps take a few paces and then disappear into thin air. Fin is able to determine that a teleport spell was used here. Therion determines that all magical energy has left the shrine. The party returns to town to look in the college's library for information.

On the way to the library, the party is approached by Sixtus, a Kor who accuses Therion of having his medallion. Upon question, the only information that Sixtus will offer is that the medallion belongs to him and that Therion should hand it back. When asked how he knows the party has the medallion, Sixtus explains that he can sense it. Fin says the medallion is valuable to stopping the mummy. He then accuses Sixtus of being the one who let the mummy out. Sixtus explains that the party freed Lord Eltumal, that the medallion will not help them in their quest, and that the medallion belongs to him. Sixtus further explains that his mission is to stop Eltumal.

Therion hands the Medallion to Sixtus as an act of goodwill and the party offers to join Sixtus in his quest, who accepts. Sixtus recommends that the party go to the college library to find information on Eltumal. Once arrived, and now that the party knows the mummy's name, they learn that Lord Eltumal was the lord of Grascamere before going mad one day and killing his subjects. The subjects revolted, killed Eltumal, and entombed him in the shrine. They also learned that Eltumal served a higher power which is not listed in the college's texts. 

When determining where to go next, Sixtus explains that he can sense the magic, as with the medallion, if he's close enough. The party leads him back to the teleport point in front of the shrine. Sixtus is able to determine that the destination point is Ozryn, an island in the north east of Yrego.


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